Sprint Triathlon coaching personalized program

Sprint Triathlon coaching personalized program
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A sprint triathlon is a great way to get into triathlon. Weather you are a beginner, seasoned athlete or a podium finisher Justsports Coaching will help you get to the finish line or higher on the race results.

With the triathlon season around the corner now is a great time to start getting in shape and ready to take on the Miway triathlon or Clanwilliam sprint.

Justsports Coaching designs a custom training program to meet your schedule. Using Training peaks you are able to load your data, track your progress and get fit doing what you love.

Tell us more about your day and training needs and let Justsports design your perfect training programme.

After we have received all the above info Justsports will schedule an introductory call with you and go over your training needs to get you started (applicable to all packages). 

Package types:(fees billed monthly)

Standard package: monthly follow up call via Whatsapp or Skype (R500 per month)

Delux package: 2 follow up calls per month via Skype or Whatsapp (R600 per month)

Premium package: Weekly follow up call via Skype or Whatsapp (R900 per month)

Platinum package: Up to 3 follow up calls per week, as required via Skype, Whatsapp or email. Plus Strength Training workout to assist your training. (R1100 per month)

Stay with Justsports Coaching for 3 months and get a free Justsports T-Shirt valued at R200 (currently only available in South Africa.)

Referral program

Get your friends or family to sign up and get a discount each month off of your monthly fees for as long as they train with Justsports Coaching.

Each person you refer and puts your name in the referral block will give you R20 off your coaching per month. (maximum is 10 referral discounts per month)

All athletes training with Justsports Coaching will receive a 15% discount code for purchasing Justsports products online. Code only valid while training with Justsports Coaching.(currently only available in South Africa)

By using Justsports Coaching you admit that you are healthy enough to start a training programme. If you are suffering from any colds, flu, or unsure of your physical wellbeing please consult a medical practisioner before starting your training routine.

Justsports Coaching is not held responsible for training sessions not completed and results will vary depending on the amount of work done.

Click on the link below before completing the payment so as to link your training peaks account. Please note no communication or programme will be loaded until payment is completed above.




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